Contact: Chad A. Ludwig

June 26, 2012

Rochester Deaf Festival, Inc. announces merger plan with Deaf Rochester BBQ

Rochester, NY – June 20, 2012 – The Rochester Deaf Festival, Inc. (RDF) announces the recent acquisition of the Deaf Rochester BBQ (DRBBQ) as a new subsidiary and the latest terms of agreement will be disclosed in due time.  As we welcome the Deaf Rochester BBQ into the Rochester Deaf Festival, Inc., we believe that their expertise in BBQ event planning will greatly contribute toward expanding our event offering to Deaf community.

Sylvia Sirianni, DRBBQ President , said, “We are very excited about the opportunity to merge with RDF. Both organization share significant values, including a commitment to excellence, a strong emphasis on BBQ event planning and responsive to the Deaf community.  We join RDF’s team confident that DRBBQ is in good hands under RDF’s guidance.”

Chad A. Ludwig, RDF President, agrees, “We are also very excited at RDF to welcome DRBBQ to join with RDF. The outstanding leadership that DRBBQ has provided for the past 4 years will be a huge asset to providing the most successful event planning for Deaf community in greater Rochester area.

This merger was made possible in part of unanimous support from board members from each organizations, the creation of this combined entity will ensure the ongoing delivery of small and large scale festivals to Deaf community.

About The Rochester Deaf Festival, Inc.
For the past 4 years, RDF purpose is to educate the general public and the Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing by serving as a forum for the exchange of information about services available for the Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of
Hearing. RDF promotes Deaf culture, history and values, all to support, strengthen and enhance the Deaf community, via activities, events, and gatherings, including but not limited to an annual festival.
About Deaf Rochester BBQ
For the past 11 years, DRBBQ hosts smaller scale BBQ event twice a year with an intention to raise funds toward selected service provider that provides much needed services to the Deaf and Deaf-Blind community.
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